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Video - Translation and Subtitling

ENGLISH > Request a cost estimate

between ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE (in either direction)
plus ITALIAN, FRENCH and SPANISH (with third-party translation)


Any video to translate for subtitling from English into Portuguese (Brazilian) or from Portuguese into English (US), within my working areas
(typical exceptions being technical/specialized content - viz. intended for professional practitioners in medicine, biology, accounting, and finance), or with outsourced translation, and the respective subtitling. Also included here is the subtitling of videos translated by third parties between any languages among:
      • Portuguese
      • English
      • Italian
      • French
      • Spanish


For many translators, the script being provided or not makes a significant difference in rates. Not my case, though.

Nevertheless, a script contributes significantly to job quality, especially when subtitling is the intended outcome. How can I get the right spelling for, e.g. an individual's name like Zbigniew Wojechszlecki from hearing someone say it? If the script is not available, someone familiar with the content should review the subtitles before burning them onto the video.


Translations into Italian, French, and Spanish should be provided by the client, and reviewed by competent professionals, specialized in translating subtitles.

Upon hiring such professionals, the following specifications should be given:
      • Each sub may be up to 70 chars including spaces (I'll break it into two lines as needed)
      • End each and every subtitle with a punctuation mark. If one sentence is broken midway, end with  ...
      • Don't skip lines between subtitles.
      • Deliver in a plain TXT file.

I cannot check spelling/grammar in these languages. Client will be liable for typos or errors.


All videos are subject to acceptance.
If the soundtrack quality is inadequate for translation, the video will be rejected, voiding the estimate.
The same applies to videos translated by the client, if the translation turns out to be incompatible with subtitling.


Please complete the form below and send it. You may bundle several videos together in the same estimate. Playing time is the total duration of the videos, from beginning to end, subject to confirmation. If you only want a clip from a video translated, consider that time only, and get prepared to send only that clip, edited.

EN>PT - from English into Portuguese (BR)
PT>EN - from Portuguese into English (USA)
Provided by client (EN-PT-IT-FR-ES)
Top urgency
MPG file (mp2, mp4)
AVI file
FLV file
WMV file
MOV file
VHS or VHS-C videotape
Professional videotape (Betacam, U-matic)
Other (please specify below)
 up to 720 x 480 pixels (SD)
 1280 x 720 pixels (HD)
 1920 x 1080 pixels (FHD)
 I don't know
MPG-4 file
MPG-2 file
AVI file
WMV file
FLV file
MPG file
MOV file
plain DVD, no menu
Other (please specify below)
Physical delivery (mail, courier, messenger, etc.)
Download from your FTP site
WeTransfer, Hightail, DropBox, or equivalent
Download from YouTube, Vimeo. or equivalent
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