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The table below lists various articles I wrote on video, translation, subtitling, and dubbing. Please click on the button to the left of any you would like to read.

The first one is a presentation of the services I provide in this area (including sample clips from previous jobs). If you have any questions, please use the e-mail button on the left to contact me.

Video services
This page describes the video services I offer, like translation for dubbing, subtitling, and others, introducing a few sample clips from previous jobs (quality was compromised to spare bandwidth).

Video Translation 101
If your company's core business is not video, and you have a video in English to be used in Brazil, or a Brazilian video that is needed in English, what are your options, and what does each one entail?

Should your video be dubbed or subtitled?
Some simple and practical considerations to help you make the right decision, not based on cost alone.

Recording presentations for subtitling
If you will be holding a lecture, a conference, or any other discussion that will be recorded on video to be subtitled later, it is worth reading this article first, to avoid a possible disaster.

Save in subtitling
A few tips on how you can save money in subtitling.

The subtitling process
An explanation on how a video is translated and subtitled.
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