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Translation in general


Here are the links to a few articles I wrote on translation, both informationand and instructional.

10 Ways to Save Money on Translation
Many people tend to think that, to save on translation, all it takes is to hire the cheapest translator. This article shows ten ways of getting more bang for your buck in translation.

A Comparison between automatic and professional translation
The availability of free and immediate online automatic translation is quite attractive. However would it be an adequate solution for your needs? Here you'll see a side-by-side comparison of an English into Portuguese translation to see the difference, and decide by yourself.

Should you hire a freelance translator or a translation agency?
Learn here on what criteria you should use to make the most suitable choice for your needs. Some valuable tips on both translator and agency selection are included.

Working with video (or audio) files
If you are a translator intending to translate an audio or video recording for the first time, this article offers some basic guidance for you to get started.
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