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by J. H. Lamensdorf


It would be interesting to analyze a reader’s motivation when they decide to read a book. The individual certainly expects to get something out of it: amusement, a challenge for their mind, cultural enrichment, and - why not? - even a bit of self-help.

The writer’s goal is to make the reader’s investment worthwhile. As most products nowadays come with numerous caveats on their limitations, it is proper to state a few here.

The first is about whether this is a fiction or non-fiction book. This major decision is left to the reader’s discretion, as the very subject of the work itself is this. Believe if you want to.

The second is whether this some new religion. At least on this subject, I can reassure the reader that that’s definitely not the case here. It is an explanation - plausible in my opinion - of why many things in our world are as they are.

Finally, there is the issue of bibliographic references. Where did I get all this from? Neither I - nor the esteemed reader - will ever know until we become Engineers of Fate ourselves... or not! If it eventually fails to happen, at least we will have temporarily enjoyed a reasonable explanation.

The truth is that we have no way of finding out whether the Engineers of Fate put the ideas herein in my mind, or if all this came out from my imagination. I entrust this decision to each individual reader.

For this reason, I will not follow a predetermined structure; I’ll have to write the ideas in the sequence they come up. The format will be a series of questions and answers which will gradually assemble the puzzle, as if it were a lengthy interview with an Engineer of Fate, maybe not always the same one, trying to understand how our world functions.

While reading, try to relate these ideas to events you have seen happening. Maybe you will begin to see your world using a different logic.

J. H. Lamensdorf


1. For starters, who are you, Engineer of Fate?

This was the name I thought would be the easiest to understand, as our mission is to keep the fate engine in motion. I am one of those countless who, within certain limits, try to direct what happens in your world. No, don’t get scared, I am no alien attempting to conquer the Earth, nor have you been sucked into a puppet theater. I was human and lived in your world. We might even have met, but don’t ask me who, when, nor where I was, because I don’t know any more.

I am what you might imagine as a block of spiritual energy, the living part that remains from what once was a human being like you, but who has already left your world. To be absolutely clear, I no longer exist materially, but this does not prevent me from being more active now than when I lived in your world.

If you want to know where we Engineers of Fate are, it becomes even more interesting. Physically we are not anywhere; however, at the same time we are everywhere. You may need to be very flexible to accept this mix of absence and omnipresence as a concept.

2. If you don’t exist physically, how do you expect me to believe all this? How can I be sure that it is not just a delusion or something from my imagination?

I will never be able to provide you such assurance. Have you ever wondered how these messages from me are getting to you?

This should help to explain how we Engineers of Fate communicate. Since we don’t exist physically, it would be impossible for us to write letters, memos, or even e-mails. And there is still the language problem... have you noticed that I seem to communicate with you in your own language? I communicate with anyone as if I were speaking their language.

We Engineers of Fate communicate by directly transmitting ideas, as if telepathy. I put the ideas in your mind, without having to encode them into words, and you don’t have to decode these words to understand the message. Absolutely nothing is lost in the process.

If I wanted, I could get my ideas to you on paper, on a TV or computer screen, or just make them seem alive. But they wouldn’t be there; you’d just see them there. I would have placed in your mind the idea that you were actually seeing them. But in this case I would have to encode them into words, images or sounds, and accept the possibility that part of these ideas might get lost in your decoding process. Hence, it is more practical to put the ideas directly into your mind, and let you encode them into words, if you wish. If there is any miscommunication between us, it will be totally your fault, as I’ll have played my part to absolute perfection.

3. And what do you Engineers of Fate communicate for?

For better or for worse, we are the ones who make your world function. Believe it! Many of the thoughts that cross your mind are placed there by one of us. When you think about something, it’s likely that we have put this idea in your imagination.

However it’s not that simple... all we can do it to put ideas in people’s minds, absolutely nothing else. We have no control over how you will react to each idea, nor what you will do about it.

And this is how we are going to write this book. I can put the answers in your mind. After each response, you will have other questions. You just have to think about a question, and I’ll place the answer in your mind. The catch is that you’ll never know which questions are really yours, and which ones I have put in your mind.

As I said before, we are only blocks of spiritual energy. We can place ideas in people’s minds, like I’m putting this whole book in yours, but we can’t make anything actually happen.

And what do we do? We have goals to accomplish, like what you call MBO, management by objectives. Each of us is responsible for a certain number of people and for the fulfillment of a list of objectives set for each one.

Sounds complicated? It certainly is! Your world is not easy to operate. The only simple thing is how we communicate: we Engineers of Fate place the ideas directly and immediately in the minds of our peers, distortion-free, just like I am putting my explanations in yours now.

4. You mentioned fulfilling objectives. What are these objectives?

Think of an organization in your world. There are the big corporate objectives that seep down, until they get to the small objectives, at the execution level: the machine operator has to produce so many parts per day, the ­salesman must sell a certain amount per month, and so on.

Each of us has a certain number of people in your world for which we are individually responsible, and all we can do is put ideas in their minds, hoping that they will react in the manner we envisaged when we devised such ideas, so that things will happen in a way to accomplish these objectives.

You should know that each of us does not keep the same group of people for their whole lives. It is common for people to be transferred from one Engineer of Fate to another, and such decisions come from “above”, if you take it that we have a hierarchy too. You asked what these objectives are. Do you believe in clairvoyance, palmistry, astrology, tarot cards, and other things that oscillate between science and mysticism?

Well, some people have the power to read, correctly or not, part of these objectives. Each person has a series of objectives to be accomplished during their life, as well as expected deadlines for them. However it is not certain that every person will reach any of these goals; this basically depends on our work. This is why we exist.

5. How do you become aware of these objectives? How do you know who they belong to?

First, there is the issue of identification. Have you ever wondered why fingerprints are unique, so that there are no two people in your world with identical sets of fingerprints? Just like you have registration numbers for your social security, passport, ID, and many other forms of identification, we identify people by their fingerprints. Yes, you understood it correctly. Any of us can “read” a set of fingerprints just like you read a social security number. Of course, as we are dealing with billions of people, the “code”, if you want to call it so, is infinitely more complex. But it is our way of knowing exactly who we are referring to. As it’s not a physical operation, it doesn’t matter where in the world the person is.

Our code is much more complex than yours. Don’t forget that fingerprints are never duplicated. We cannot have someone today with the same code as another person who lived centuries ago. Therefore, it’s not just a matter of billions of codes; they must cover everybody who has passed and who will pass through your world.

You probably want to know how we find out what the objectives for each individual are. Your astrologers have revealed a small part of our system. The relative position of celestial bodies at the moment of birth, which you name an astrological chart, is like an instrument panel for us. Above all, it tells us a very important thing: how that person will react to the various ideas we place in their mind.

Remember that the celestial bodies are in motion. And you can’t imagine how many of them give us important information, but are not considered by your astrologers. Many of these are not even known to your astronomers; they have never been seen. And their relative position at each moment is what defines the individual’s objectives and their deadlines, and what they should accomplish as a result of our ideas.

In this area palmistry has managed to, let’s say, scratch the surface. Just as fingerprints identify the individual, the lines on the palms of people’s hands give us a brief summary of what that person’s life will be like. We cannot deviate much from these “general lines”.

There are some points to consider for you to understand the process. First, it’s all energy, which you might call “virtual”. So, I won’t have to browse piles of paper, nor search among computer files: the process is instantaneous. Second, my quick checking of palms will make the respective Engineers of Fate immediately aware that it is worth their while to accept my idea if their protégés will also attain an objective with it. As you’d say in your world, this is when supply and demand meet.

6. Now that we’re on mysticism, how do you explain crystal balls, tarot and other clairvoyance methods that imply seeing something that is not there?

You might have deduced the reason yourself, but I may be expecting too much from the little I’ve told you so far. Remember that an Engineer of Fate also puts ideas into the fortune teller’s mind. This is one of the countless cases in which we communicate with our peers.

In such a situation, the client’s Engineer of Fate has to tell the fortune teller’s Engineer what is expected to be “foreseen”. The “reading” is actually in the clairvoyant’s mind, not on the cards or in the crystal ball, right?

On the other hand, the clairvoyant’s Engineer of Fate is free to put the ideas the colleague requested, or do exactly the opposite. It depends on whether the goals for this fortune teller require them to be successful for having predicted exactly what would happen... or to become known as a quack for having grossly missed the target. And all this might also be a matter of the right timing.

7. So, what would be the purpose of the Engineers of Fate trying to make all these people accomplish their objectives?

This is the key issue. All of us have been human in the past. We were born, we lived among you, and then one day we died and became Engineers of Fate again. When we fulfill a certain number of objectives, we will be born again and live a life among you. If you prefer to think in terms of MBO, the management by objectives of your world’s organizations, imagine that accomplishing each objective gives us points. When each Engineer of Fate accrues a certain number of these points, they will reincarnate, as you name it.

Note that the life of an Engineer of Fate is not as interesting as you might imagine. We work continuously; non-stop. As we don’t exist physically, we don’t need rest or to replenish our energies: we are the energy itself. We don’t have anything that you might call leisure or entertainment. There are no gradual rewards; all of us seek one sole objective: to accumulate those points, which will give us a “real” life.

On the other hand, we go through countless frustrating moments. Think about it... how many wonderful ideas have I, or a colleague of mine, placed in your mind, only to have you discard them, not want them or simply fail to do anything about them? Multiply this by the number of protégés each Engineer has, and you will see how frustrating our work can be.
And all we can do to make your world run is to place ideas, thoughts, dreams, desires, concerns, suspicions, and visions in your minds. Nothing else.

8. So reincarnation really exists?

We call it the universe renewal process. If the same people lived forever, mankind would already have reached stagnation. We Engineers of Fate would be unnecessary, since after a certain point nobody in your world would have objectives to accomplish.

In the very long range, such stagnation would lead to a diminishing spiritual energy in each person, and the level would drop lower and lower: in some distant day there would be no difference between the level of spiritual energy in a human being and a block of ­granite.

This is why we constantly renew the universe, keeping it in constant evolution.

9. Since there is a renewal, how many protégés does each Engineer have?

It varies a lot. An extremely important issue is balance. The objective of our superiors here is to keep the universe balanced. I will repeat the words consistency and balance over and over again, as they are the two basic rules of the universe.

We came from people who lived among you and left your world afterwards. Obviously, as the population of your world keeps growing, we do have something that could be compared to an “assembly line” for new people. After all, where could everything have begun? But this production line has a limited capacity; otherwise the balance would be broken. We would choke your universe full of beings which would quickly exhaust the available resources.

Every time things “go bad” in your world, it’s a sign that we are overloaded: each Engineer has too many protégés to deal with, and this compromises the balance, which should always be preserved.

As each Engineer gets more people under their guidance, overall they will have more objectives, and they will be able to accrue enough points to reincarnate in a shorter time. If this situation goes on for a long period, each Engineer will have an ever growing number of protégés. In the long range, this would cause a total breakdown of the balance: a population explosion in your world, and a depleted team of overworked Engineers of Fate to take care of them. It would be the end of time for all of us.

10. Regarding wars and revolutions - all right, you can put the idea of making them in the minds of their leaders. But how can you cause diseases and natural disasters, if you said that you can’t make anything happen?

Let’s do it in parts, starting from the easiest - natural disasters. We know in advance when and where they will happen; we can’t cause them nor can we prevent them. What we can do is to provide enough people with motives to be there when they happen. We cannot put any person in the place, nor can we prevent anybody else from being there for other reasons. All we can do is to sow ideas. The victims will probably be missed in your world, but their absence will be helping to preserve the universe.

As for diseases, it’s a matter of the evolution of mankind. They are part of your world, and we often have some protégés predestinated to cure them. You will learn that not everything is perfect: perfection is something to be sought over a whole lifetime without reaching it. With an infectious disease, contagion might be accidental due to lack of the right precautions, or even due to neglect by people who provided such precautions.

As everyone has a set date to rejoin us, the method does not make much difference; it depends on the creativity of the Engineer assigned to each person. As not everything is perfect, sometimes it happens too early, sometimes too late, and sometimes other people take actions that disregard the set dates for themselves or others.

The goal is to always keep balance. We must have enough Engineers of Fate here to guide the people there.

11. Before I lose the thread: as I understand it, there is a constant flow of people who die and become Engineers of Fate, as well as of Engineers of Fate who complete their number of missions and thus are entitled to reincarnate. Is this how it works?

It is much more complex, but in general you are correct. Let’s take it one bit at a time.

We have to begin somewhere, since — as you have already noticed — it’s a closed loop. We will begin at the moment when a person in your world dies. Their physical body is buried, cremated, embalmed, or might even have been lost or destroyed. It doesn’t matter; the body without the spiritual energy will be lifeless.

However, their block of spiritual energy will remain and from it a new Engineer of Fate will arise. This might be rather difficult for you to imagine, as the block of energy does not exist physically. I’ll try to make analogies with objects, just for you to understand it better. But don’t get me wrong and think that such objects exist, as none of them are concrete.

Think of everything that was in the deceased individual’s mind: their knowledge, their culture, their skills, their beliefs, in short, everything. Imagine all this inscribed on a plate made of any material, which afterwards has had one of its faces coated with some kind of adhesive plastic.

What we do, upon receiving such plate, is to remove the plastic, some glue residue, and scrape off everything that was engraved on both sides. I should repeat, this is just an analogy for you to visualize the process. As I said, nothing like this exists physically, and the process is not perfect.

Imagine what would happen if this were a real procedure. Sometimes the plastic gets torn, and some pieces of it will remain intact in the next incarnation. In other cases, bits of glue will remain stuck to the plate, which will make it harder to remove everything that is engraved underneath these spots. In some places, the glue might make some engravings stick to the plastic and be removed altogether. Maybe some pieces of the plate will come off. Once the plastic is removed, it’s time to scrape all the engravings from the plate. If you have ever tried to remove adhesive labels, you might know what I’m talking about.

The reverse side is not plastic-coated so it is easier to clean. Imagine all this as a manual process. Sometimes too little is scraped off, and parts of the engravings remain there. Sometimes too much is scraped and, on some parts of the surface it will not be possible to make new engravings.

This partly explains why some people have unexpected talents while others (sometimes the same ones) have impairments or insurmountable difficulties, often in disagreement with the genetic heritage received from their ancestors.

In addition to the plate, there is the spiritual energy, which is what an Engineer of Fate is made of. However, this material is not yet ready to function as such. There is a whole sequence of events that needs to happen, each of them in its right time.

Did you ever notice that most religions have set dates for mourning celebrations? Christians, with their Gregorian calendar, celebrate the 7th day, 30th day, and the first anniversary with masses... Jews, with their lunar calendar, mourn for 7 days, have a 30th day ceremony, another one year later... and so on.

What happens is that from the moment a person dies, it takes seven days of your time to separate the spiritual energy from what I called a plate. During this time, the deceased already has all the powers of an Engineer of Fate, but doesn’t know yet how to use them, and doesn’t have any assigned protégés. Some even manage to put some ideas in the minds of their loved ones, but this takes place completely at random, almost involuntarily. You think it comes from meditating about the loss of someone close, but it’s exactly the opposite. The deceased one recalls the people he or she met in life.

From the 7th to the 30th day of your time this spiritual energy, already apart from its plate, goes through a progressive stage of disengagement from the people who were close to it in your world, and in preparation for its functions as an Engineer of Fate. Name it “internship” or “training”, if you wish. On the 30th day the final farewell takes place, and the spiritual energy becomes a full-fledged Engineer of Fate like me and countless others. There is one single restriction: such Engineers of Fate will not have as a protégé any person they met in their lifetime, until one year from the moment they left your world. From there on, there is no longer the slightest remainder of what the Engineer was or did, or of who they met, etc. during their last stay in your world. They undergo their first change of protégés list, and may from then on influence the life of any people assigned to them.

So, the first anniversary of death is not so much a direct tribute to that person, but an invitation by the participants of that event to the Engineer of Fate made from the deceased’s spiritual energy, to take any of them on as protégés.

12. So there are better and worse Engineers of Fate?

Of course! Just as there are better and worse people in your world, if you want to use those adjectives.

The fact that there are no two identical people in your world is a pure and simple result (or maybe the cause — depending on the point in the loop you start from) of there being no two identical blocks of energy here.

From time to time, some of the protégés of each Engineer are transferred to another. It is at these times that you perceive your life taking a turn for better or worse. Of course, there are occasions when you don’t perceive the change, when you move to one Engineer of Fate about as good as bad as the previous one.

We can only influence what people think about what happened, in the way we consider most likely for them to fulfill the objectives we have for them.

13. And what defines if and when we get assigned to a better or a worse Engineer of Fate?

You have an expression, “written in the stars”. It’s more or less like that. As I said before, celestial bodies are our instrument panel. This is why your horoscopes, astrological charts and other predictions sometimes come true. When they don’t materialize, it is because your fortune tellers only know a part of our panel.

In a certain way, this is what gives each human being their own personality, which does not change much over a lifetime. Were it not so, the person would have their current Engineer of Fate’s personality. This would make people unpredictable over time and, in spite of not rendering the balance unstable, would mitigate the consistency. Never forget: consistency and balance!

14. So, how do people get born, I mean, how do you reincarnate in our world?

An individual’s birth is not a simple matter. Here, we need an Engineer of Fate who has fulfilled all their goals, in other words, a block of spiritual energy to give that person, and we need one of those “plates” from our analogy, already scraped, re-engraved and plastic-coated on one side, which will give that person talents and capabilities that they will use throughout their life.

In your world, there are also arrangements to be made. We need a man and a woman who will conceive the child. Each of them will contribute with a set of genetic characteristics, which will be engraved on the non-plastic-coated side of their plate. A part of this is what you call the DNA. It is further necessary to prepare a unique set of fingerprints, what you would consider our ID number, which you can imagine as a giant bar code. And since we are talking about hands, a summary is recorded on their palms, with lines.

The moment of birth, no matter how it happens, is a kind of a drawing. It defines many things that might occur to that person throughout their life, as a function of the position of the celestial bodies at that moment.

15. So you return to our world as babies, go through adolescence, become adults, get old, and eventually return being Engineers of Fate. Some come back earlier, others later. How do you decide when this will happen?

You are right about the cycle in your world. Of course, you see it around you... As for the moment of departure, it is something complex even for us. I won’t keep it a secret; I could say the exact date set for you to leave your world. When the hour gets close, the Engineer of Fate in charge of you will get your block of spiritual energy ready to join us.

All right, knowing when it will be, you might get prepared and act accordingly. But... as I said before, not everything is perfect. And this is the most imperfect area that exists for us. There are so many things that may happen that it’s impossible to say what the chances are for you to depart from your world as scheduled, as a lot of interference is ­possible.

The Engineer in charge of this person might soon notice that in no way will it be possible to remove this person from your world, not even close to the scheduled date. So we waste no time - as you say in your world - in trying. On the other hand, one or more Engineers responsible for the doctors who will treat this person might have as an objective to make a significant scientific breakthrough, lengthening this and possibly other lives.

To further complicate matters, as we have already seen, there are still large natural disasters, wars and other incidents that remove people in large quantities from your world to re-staff our team, when we get overloaded. I have already explained the consequences of this. The coming-and-going between your world and mine is constant to keep balance.

16 Your analogy with the plates being engraved over and over is quite interesting. Does it explain the aptitudes, the natural skills a person has?

Yes and no. There are several factors at large.

If, for instance, the son of a shoemaker and a cook who never enjoyed music becomes a notable composer, maestro, or musician, you may assume that this son’s plate was insufficiently scraped, or even that the plastic got torn, and some residue of its previous user remained there.

Another factor is the genetic background, the DNA as you call it. It is not necessary to elaborate much. You see whole families of physicians, dentists, lawyers, and etc. However, even in these families there is usually one or another who has followed a different path. In most cases, that person received a plate that was not sufficiently erased, and was able to find something out of the ordinary from its previous user.

And there is still the possibility of a person developing talents for which they have no — let’s say — innate aptitude. One side of the plate is engraved here and plastic-coated. The other not only contains the genetic factors, but it continues being engraved throughout the individual’s life, like a “progress report” for us. The Engineer who is suddenly assigned to a person must immediately “read” both sides of the plate, to keep consistency in that individual’s life. After all, it is impossible, or better, inconceivable for a civil engineer to suddenly discover the cure for a disease that doctors had been studying for years.

The probability of something developed during life and engraved on the non-plastic-coated side of the plate passing to the next user is small, but it exists. The same happens to some traits that might appear inherited, but which DNA fails to explain. The DNA is something physical, it depends on the individual’s parents, and we cannot interfere with anything physical.

Basically, our job is to keep consistency and balance, but flaws in the system are what contribute to the growing variety in your world. Otherwise, everything would be very monotonous and evolution would be very slow.

17. You mentioned variety - how do you explain human diversity? In other words, where do all the human races come from? Do you classify the erased plates in any way?

There is only one race among you: the human one. The variations are mostly physical, previously distributed in various regions of the world. The advance of mankind has promoted growing miscegenation.

As far as I know — and you must understand that an Engineer of Fate does not know everything — this came from the process of creating the human being. Several experiments were made to adapt humans to the different environments that exist in your world.

If the environment in the world were homogenous, the population would be evenly distributed, don’t you think? However you have overpopulated metropolitan areas and deserted places as well. Part of the progress of mankind was directed towards making human beings capable of living in the most varied climates, regardless of their ethnic ­origin.

In answer to your question, no, we don’t discriminate what I illustrated as plates. Remember that they are just an analogy for you to visualize; such plates don’t exist physically. However in this analogy, we don’t differentiate the plates. They arrive here, and then are scraped and stocked for later usage.

18. What influences an individual’s accomplishments?

It depends on what you mean by accomplishments. Note that this is a concept closely related to the environment where the individual lives. Using the contrast made by the previous example, to be able to set a piece of wood on fire to cook food might be something spectacular amongst that primitive tribe. However in any modern city this is already done without fire, using a microwave oven.

So, let’s have a look at the factors which enter into play.

First, there is the potential. Part of it comes with the plate. The individual is born with some talents and skills already, which might be something left over from people they don’t even know existed. There are also the inherited factors, eventual gifts from their biological parents. But none of these will be of any use if they remain as unexplored potentials.

The second factor is the timing of birth, which your astrologers call a chart. For us, it’s just like reading an instrument panel. This will give them a set of tools for their way of being, which is at its best the way in which this person will accomplish anything. Your psychologists call it personality. You wouldn’t be able to imagine how oversimplified this explanation is, but your signs of the Zodiac might help to clarify a little. Each sign has its peculiarities, so that what one might accomplish with persistence, another might have to do with organization and discipline, a third one with pragmatism, and so on.

The third factor is the environment the person is born into, the geographic place in your world. If it’s a place where there is no chance of ever accomplishing the great things destiny has in store for him or her, will the assigned Engineer of Fate succeed in making them move to somewhere else, safe and sound?

The fourth factor is made up of the objectives that have been set for the individual; those ideas that we try to place in his or her mind as goals to accomplish. These objectives and their deadlines are all indicated by the position of the celestial bodies in relation to where they were when the individual was born; our instrument panel. But then a decisive factor enters the game...

The fifth factor is the individual actually doing something with any thought the Engineer of Fate placed in his or her mind. First, you must listen to what goes through your mind.

You have so much going on in your minds that sometimes it takes a great effort for us to be “heard”. Generally you consider the thoughts we place in your minds as mere “intuition”. Believe me, it’s not intuition. When you have a hunch out of nowhere, quite likely it will be something we placed in your mind. But beware of inventing things and thinking it’s a tip from us; you have such an inventive capacity, and not always — I’d even say seldom — can you tell an original thought apart from something we placed in your mind. Even though here it takes only a few seconds of your time, it’s not an easy thing to do.

19. Before this, we were discussing human races and a question occurred to me: How about the various religions?

All religions stem from a doctrine, often in a book. You have the Pentateuch or Old Testament, the New Testament of the Bible, the Koran, and several others. How do you think they were written?

If you believe in what you and I are doing here, it will be easy to accept that in other times, some Engineer of Fate put all these ideas in the minds of the people who wrote these books, exactly as I am now putting them in yours. But don’t get any delusions of grandeur, our project here is much more modest.

Each of these books had to be appropriate to their time, otherwise they wouldn’t have generated followers. What we are doing right now does not aim to gather followers. I can’t tell you now what objective is that I, as your assigned Engineer of Fate, am trying to help you accomplish here. The main reason is that nothing guarantees that it will be fulfilled; it depends on too many other factors. But it’s my assignment. I have other protégés, each one with their own set objectives, and the results of all of them is what will allow me to accrue the required points to return to your world.

Back to religions - regarding content, if you take a good look you’ll see that all of them share some ethical principles. This is what we wanted to convey on those occasions, to develop a way of life capable of ensuring continuity in your world with consistency and balance.

There is no question that rituals vary a lot from one religion to another, as well as some customs. But all these were developed by you, people, based on the interpretation of the various doctrines. A part of them might have been based on ideas placed by the respective Engineers of Fate in the minds of the religious leaders and the rest of them might have been their own creations.

To make sure you don’t get overexcited, don’t have the very farfetched illusion that you are writing a new Bible here, or creating a new religion. My fellow Engineers of Fate from other times — which might even include when you and I we were on this side — decided to explain how the universe functions in a more illustrative way, narrating a series of events. However, such a format might not be equally welcome in the present time, nor it is our intent here.

What we are doing now is a much more pragmatic explanation of how things work.

However, I have to restate my warning: neither you nor anyone else will ever know whether all this simply came from your imagination or if these are ideas that I, as your Engineer of Fate, placed in your mind. It’s a matter of believing or not. And as you won’t know yourself, it will be useless for anyone to ask you.

20. Since it is a matter of believing, a short but difficult question: Does God exist? If yes, is there only one?

But of course yes! Maybe not exactly as described by any religion, but the answer is definitely yes.

Everything that exists in your world is made, to a certain extent, in the image of ours. Where else could they get paradigms from? You have organizations, corporations, countries, clusters of countries... How many supreme leaders, presidents, whatever, are there in such an organization? Always just one. The same happens here.

However our organization is not flat. The Engineers of Fate are the lower echelon. Above us, there are other levels which I don’t know about. To know the next level above mine, I would need someone from there to get in contact with me, just as I’m doing with you now. And no such thing has ever happened, as far as I know.

But the evidence of the existence of levels above the Engineers of Fate is obvious in the questions that are still unanswered among us Engineers of Fate here:
• Who created the universe?
• Who created this continuous loop between our world and yours?
• Where do some blocks of spiritual energy go when they leave your world and don’t join our team?
• Who places the celestial bodies (our instrument panel) in their places and controls their movement?

There are numerous other questions; however, in view of the complexity of the universe you can be reassured that the organization needs several levels to maintain its existence and development. And just as certainly, at the very top of this organization, there is only one leader.

21. And how about polytheist religions? How come they have several gods?

Note that all of them have one supreme god, to which all others are subordinate.

If you take Greek or Roman mythology, you’ll see that the subordinate gods are specific to things or activities in your world, similarly to matrix management in your organizations. In their time, considering that the population in your world was much smaller, maybe our organization here was smaller as well, and there weren’t any Engineers of Fate then.

If you think of the various Catholic saints and compare them with the Greek or Roman gods, you’ll see that they are on another level in the hierarchy. As it is a more recent religion, it’s likely that our organization here gained some new levels in this meantime.

Even Judaism, which believes in only one divinity without subordinates or in-betweens, has a resemblance to your organizations. As Genesis starts with Adam and Eve, it was a tiny enterprise then, if compared to today’s world. And what happens in a very small business in your world? You talk directly with the owner.

Note that each of these doctrines dates from a different era, when your world had a different dimension. As the principles that rule the universe — consistency and balance — have been maintained throughout this period, the doctrines still apply with necessary adaptations.

Our organization here must have evolved accordingly, to cope with growth in your world. I wouldn’t know, as a humble Engineer of Fate, but it is easy to visualize this growth by looking at the image of any organization in your world.

This explanation of how we operate might be totally obsolete in a few centuries from now. The speed of events gets faster and faster: what took millennia in the past might take only a few centuries today. Therefore it’s not worthwhile, and not even necessary, to create a new faith from this communication we are having now; all this is just an explanation of how our organization works today.

This is why we won’t make a mystical narration here, but just give a practical view of our work.

22. You mentioned mysticism and it aroused my curiosity: what are miracles?

Once again, we Engineers of Fate are not able to make anything happen; we can only place ideas in the minds of our protégés.
So a miracle is anything the current stage of your science cannot yet explain. If you look back at history, you will notice that many miracles were later demystified by science.

You might think that a positive outcome after lots of expectation, pleading and praying is a miracle in response to your wishes.

You might believe that there is such a cause-effect relationship, or we Engineers of Fate can place such a belief in your mind. But we cannot perform any miracle whatsoever; if anything happens, be it a “miracle” or not, it comes from our upper echelons here.

23. Then why do so many people pray? Do you listen to these prayers?

We hear and see every thought in your world. But the act of praying itself is actually directed at the person who prays, not at us. The person is dedicating time and energy to reaffirm to his or her self that they believe in us and our superiors here. At this moment, we have confirmation that there is a welcoming mind to the ideas we can place there.

24. You said something about being receptive to the ideas you place in our minds. If people show little receptivity to them, will they have fewer ideas? Where do all the ideas that cross our minds come from?

Let’s begin with the easy part... every individual is certainly able to have his or her own ideas. They come up from the consistency mechanism; stemming from everything they have on their minds. They can also come from material that was not totally scraped from the individual’s plate. We have to try to make the person accomplish the objectives predetermined for them by putting ideas in their minds.

And now we come to a delicate matter, something I knew we’d have to deal with sooner or later. We Engineers of Fate are builders. The objective of our whole organization is the evolution of your world. But think it over, if we didn’t have to face any difficulty, obstacle, or opposition, what would happen? Evolution would move at an uncontrollable speed, impossible to restrain; we would lose the very necessary balance, and the world would destroy itself in a short time. So, I must tell you the truth, we have an opponent, a competitor, if you prefer to call it so, which is the destructive element of the universe. It is an organization similar to ours in certain aspects, whose work you label as the devil’s.

They act in a similar way to ours, but with destructive objectives.

So, what you consider a “good” or a “bad” person is a direct result of their being more receptive to our ideas, or to those of our competition. Likewise, their own thoughts, for consistency, will be based on the quantity of ideas they accept from us, or from our competitors.

Good and evil must coexist in order to maintain balance. If either one had total control, the whole universe would be destroyed in no time. Whoever created the universe did so with infinite wisdom, in order to preserve it by means of the two things I mention all the time: consistency and balance.

25. And how does your competitor operate? Is it an organization like yours? Are there “wicked” Engineers of Fate?

No. The shape and modus operandi, namely blocks of energy that place ideas in your minds, are the only two points in common. Everything else is quite different, and it is interesting to notice how the difference in the rules allows us to maintain the balance.

Their organization is very simple. Instead of Engineers of Fate, they are Negative Operators, led by one single being. None of them has a list of protégés, but each is able to put ideas into the mind of any of you. They have no objectives to accomplish, just the mission to make our work more difficult or less effective.

You might question what motivates them to keep doing this. This may sound like proselytism, but we dominate your world. Evidence of this is that it still exists. They want to conquer the power to change the rules, and then get something in return for good work done. Their rules favor this.

This favoring consists of the following: the more power a person has in your world, the more receptive he or she will be to Negative Operators’ ideas and, consequently, less welcoming to ours.

I mentioned power, and you might question what the role of money in it is. Money is power — economic power, but it is power. It is one convention you created to have a very flexible and easily portable form of power. Nevertheless, it makes no difference: a governor being deposed is as easy as a millionaire losing all or a good part of their money in a bad investment.

To make it very clear, power is anything that gives one individual an edge over the others, and that may be used to its holder’s own benefit. There are countless forms of power. Among them you may find money, as we have just seen, but also the power to command or set rules for other people — political power. Military power is just another breed of political power. Going down along this line, we get to the most rudimentary forms of power, which would be personal physical strength, the availability of weapons, or even the possession of essential supplies; something that dates from the most primitive times of mankind, but which still prevails today.


27. You Engineers of Fate are the spiritual energy that remains from each of us after we leave this world. But where do Negative Operators come from?
28. Where do handicapped people come from? Those who are born challenged?
29. How do you explain ­homosexuality?
30. Is there time travel?
34. Where does betrayal, marital unfaithfulness, fit in this ­context?
37. What has guilt got to do with relationships?
41. Where does self-esteem fit into all this?
44. The clergy of any religion are supposed to be the “good guys”, right? How do they keep themselves immune to Negative Operators, since some of them reach considerable power?
45. Religions talk about apparitions, visions, etc. Do ghosts actually exist?
53. So the only way to conquer power is to yield to Negative Operators’ ideas?
54. You mentioned politics as a good target for Negative Operators. Would the political world be their center of operations?
55. As you were talking about commerce, drug trafficking popped up in my mind. Where do narcotics fit in this whole context?
58. How do you act upon children? Do they also have objectives?
59. And the children that don’t make it to being born... where does abortion fit in all this?
64. How do you fit suicide in this context?
65. What happens when a person dies suddenly, if I’ve got it right, not on the date you have planned from them?
69. Is there a difference between memory in children, adults and elderly people, that you could explain with the plates analogy?
72. How do you place the function of a muse as motivator for people accomplishing something?
73. How do you explain people who say that they communicate with the dead?
80. Is there an explanation for why there is so much disparity among people’s quality of life in our world?
82. Is there anything visibly noticeable that these blocks of spiritual energy do that could confirm their existence?
90. Is it possible that some spiritual energy transfer occurs in blood transfusions or organ transplants?
92. Would there be an explanation for our most common superstitions?
95. You mentioned karma somewhere. What exactly is this?
97. Is the universe a struggle between good and evil, between the Engineers of Fate and Negative Operators?


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