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Sworn Translations in Brazil


The links below cover most aspects of Sworn Translations in Brazil.

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Sworn Translation in Brazil - nationwide
Here you can get information on Sworn Translations in Brazil, which are regulated by law since 1943.
This is one of the few places on the web - apart from repubs that never get updated - where you'll find comprehensive information on this issue.
Please bear in mind that most countries that where translation for official purposes is not governed by law will accept Brazilian sworn translations, however such acceptance will depend on the regulations prevailing at the specific agency/office where they will be submitted.

Sworn Translations in the Sao Paulo State
The Law is federal, however supervision and regulation are statewide. This page containts regulations specific to the State of Sao Paulo (where I am), as well as my standards regarding deregulated issues.
Caution: It is recommended to read first the page above on the national law on sworn translations.

Some additional FAQs on Sworn Translations in Brazil
Here are a few more questiions answered, which I felt that several prospects really wanted to ask, however they were somewhat afraid to appear blunt or stupid.

Cost estimates
This page explains some of the reasons why it is not possible to have an accurate final cost in advance. In most cases, however, it is possible to have a rough cost estimate.

Originals for a sworn translation
What documents should be used for a sworn translation in Brazil?
Should only the very and only original be used? Or can it be done from a scanned PDF file?
The answer is not always simple; see some thoughts on this issue here.

One important legal issue
Perhaps you consider the possibility of drawing a bilingual document in two columns, one of them being in Portuguese, translated by a staff member of yours or a friend, so save on sworn translation. If this is your case, please read this page before wasting time and/or money.

Decree 13,609 - in Portuguese
The decree that created Sworn Translations in Brazil, dated 1943 - official government site.

Resolution #01/2017 by Jucesp - in Portuguese
The currently prevailing Resolution stipulating terms and conditions for Sworn Translations in the Sao Paulo State - In Portuguese language - Scanned from the State Official Gazette.

Business Registers Directory - in Portuguese
DREI's (formerly DNRC) directory of all Business Registers in Brazil - official government site.

Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' page on document legalization
in Portuguese (unfortunately!)
Official web page of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing directions for document legalization.
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