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From my experience, the various elements of a training program may be quite diversified, each one requiring different techniques.

The items below are some of the most common components found in training managerial, technical, and sales training programs that I have localized so far.

Leader/Facilitator Guide/Script

This can often be the sole component of a relatively simple training program. On the other hand it might be the backbone of a complex system, to ensure that execution will always come out as planned.

I can offer, as required:
Translation of the leader’s guide in strict correspondence to all other materials in the program.of the leader’s guide from an existing programof a leader’s guide from an existing train-the-trainer program.

The leader’s guide may be localized as “visually identical to the original”, or redesigned to improve its ease of use.

Assessment software

Some training programs include assessment software for computer-assisted pre- or post-training assessment.

If this is your case, you may choose from:
Having new software developed by an outsourced programmer of mine, experienced with this kind of project, and under my direct supervision.up with the original programmer, editing the source code for the compilation of a localized application.with your IT staff in the development of a new program, either online or offline.

I emphasize user-friendliness for people who are less used to working with computers, and have obtained excellent results in this area, with Brazilian applications that were adopted worldwide by the program developers.

Multimedia CD/DVD

Some training programs use interactive CD-ROM for conveying information; on others, the whole program is in CD-ROM.

DVD technology advances have turned it into the most practical way for distributing multimedia content. Due to its universal format, a DVD will always be a DVD, which may be played on a DVD player or a computer enabled to do so. It eliminated operating system compatibility problems, as well as the need of having certain software installed, or at least specific fonts, drivers, and codecs.

Current digital video technology allows the conversion from virtually any video format and the inclusion of the material in an interactive presentation on a DVD.

Workbooks and Handouts

The physical material trainees take away from a training program is very important, especially regarding its consistency with the other elements.

Depending on your needs, I can offer:
Translation of the contents in strict concordance with the other program components, adapting for a Brazilian audience.using Adobe PageMaker®, including conversion into Acrobat® PDF format, if graphic production, including vendor development, if required.duplication or printing, as required.of the material for printing or duplication by your preferred vendor, without my intervention.

Exercises / Games / Simulations

Exercises, games, and simulations are important elements in any training program, as they allow trainees to practice what they have just learned. For the same reason, their adequacy to the Brazilian environment is critical.

Depending on your specific needs, I can offer:
Localization of training activities for the Brazilian environment.of new, equivalent activities, adjusted to the Brazilian reality.for training games, development of alternate materials to make their small-scale production economically feasible.

I am very familiar with the challenge of transforming a foreign training activity into something that will actually contribute to internalizing the lessons learned, as well as the various ways in which the production of training games may be made viable for a smaller audience.

Video / DVD

Subtitling training videos is not recommended, unless these involve lectures only, the “talking heads”. For an effective learning, dubbing is the best option.

Depending on the specific requirements, I can offer:
Translation for dubbing.of (outsourced) dubbing work by professional studios, experienced in dubbing training a dubbing studio of your choice.DVD duplication.

Having done this kind of work hundreds of times, I can state that training video dubbing is specialized work, different from commercial films.

If the video lends itself for subtitling (or the budget so demands), I can offer complete video translation and subtitling services, including interactive DVD authoring.

Other visual materials

Many training programs use other audiovisual resources to reinforce content and lesson retention.

If required, I can provide guidance in developing:
Flipcharts and postersand reminder cardsmementos


My work is not limited to deliver you the localized version of a training program. There are cases where this is enough, however it is often necessary to train those people who will actually implement the program. Depending on the circumstances, I can offer you some options:
Localization of the train-the-trainer program. If required, to train instructors for this program.of a train-the-trainer program from the training program itself. If required, to train instructors for this program.accreditation as a train-the-trainer instructor by the original program developers, and train the Brazilian instructors to use the localized version.

If you have a training program in English to be localized for implementation in Brazil, please contact me, clicking on the E-mail button on the left.

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