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This page is intended for people who need to find out quickly something very important:
How much will it cost?

The links below will direct you to online forms to send me an e-mail with your answers to most of the questions I'd ask you in each case. Please select your case, click on the link, and follow directions. I'll try to reply ASAP.

English > Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese > English (USA)

Plain translation here refers simply to its not being sworn/certified.

English > Portuguese

Required by federal law for any
official or legal purpose in Brazil.

Portuguese > English

Done in compliance to Brazilian law, For official/legal purposes in
other countries where accepted.
for dubbing or subtitling
English <-> Portuguese
(translation only)
English <-> Portuguese
(full service)
Also possible to/from
Italian, French, and/or Spanish,
with translations provided by you.

English > Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese > English (USA)

in Portuguese - English
Italian - French - Spanish
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