VIDEO CONSULTATION QUESTIONNAIRE - José Henrique Lamensdorf - translation - tradução

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If you need guidance on a corporate video localization project, please try to get the answers to the questions below from your client.

If they have provided with the videos, zip them together, and try to send them here. If this doesn't work, send the questionnaire, and use WeTransfer (it's free for up to 2 GB - files will be destroyed forever a week later) to send the videos to .

If your client just gave you URLs on YouTube, Vimeo, or perhaps their own web site, use the Additional Information field to provide them.

I'll try my best to provide you with expert guidance to the best possible options.


 Portuguese BR
 English US
 Spanish LatAm
 French FR

 Computer files (mp4, avi, wmv, mov, etc.)
 YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
 Within our web site
 Video tapes (VHS, Betacam, U-matic)
 Other (please specify in add'l info below)

 Playing on our web site
 Available for download on our web site
 Distribute on DVD
 Distribute on pen drives, SD cards
 Show on large screen in an event
 View on mobile devices (phones, tablets)
 View in SPECIFIC brand mobile devices
 Other (please specify in add'l info below)

 YouTube/Vimeo visitors
 Company web site visitors
 Company employees (Intranet)
 A skilled operator
 We don't know

 Employee training
 Customer training
 Public Relations
 Sales promotion
 Other (please specify in add'l info below)

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