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A lot of emphasis is placed on confidentiality being kept by translators. Many clients and translation agencies demand long documents to be signed, thus formalizing the non-disclosure commitment by the translator.

After a job has been delivered, approved, and paid for, I have no reason to keep client materials or information, either confidential or not. What would be their use for me? I destroy everything but two exceptions:
    1. When the client requests me to keep them. So far I've had only one client doing so... for 25+ years!
    2. Sworn translations, as the law determines that I should keep them on file. Anyway, I'd only provide copies of such translations to third parties in compliance to a court order.

My pledge of non-disclosure

No material entrusted to me for translation will have its contents disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases:
      1. When the client specifically requests otherwise.
      2. When it's material the client makes available to the public. When the material is sold, disclosure shall be limited to referral or recommendation, aiming at the client's commercial success.
      3. Pursuant to a specific court order, provided the material is still available.

I shall not keep on file any material entrusted for me to translate, nor its translation, after the job has been delivered, approved, and paid for. Exceptions are:
      1. When the client specifically requests otherwise.
      2. When the job has not been paid for.
      3. As required by law (sworn translations, but only these, not their original documents).

I shall not provide past clients as references to other clients, including prospects. Exceptions are:
      1. When these past clients have a vested interest in such disclosure, as possible service providers to prospects (e.g. publishers, translation agencies, video dubbing studios, etc.).
      2. When these past clients voluntarily prompt me to do so.
      3. When past clients have published feedback on my work (e.g. LWA on Proz, public feedback on Facebook, etc.).

If you or your company need an additional non-disclosure agreement, as long as it doesn't conflict with the above nor with Brazilian law on sworn translations (if it be the case), I will have no objection to sign it.

If this is what you want, send me an e-mail or use one of the options from the Express Estimates. It will be my pleasure to help you, even if it's only to check on your needs and the most viable options.

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