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My services


The table below provides links (please click on the corresponding button to the left) to discussions on the major services I provide.

General translation
This page sets forth my working languages, specialty areas, as well as the areas I don't cover.

Sworn Translation in Brazil
Here you can get information on Sworn Translations in Brazil, which are regulated by law since 1943.
This is one of the few places on the web - apart from repubs that never get updated - where you'll find comprehensive information on this matter.
Please bear in mind that most countries that where translation for official purposes is not governed by law will accept Brazilian sworn translations, however such acceptance will depend on the regulations prevailing at the specific agency/office where they will be submitted.

Some clients are duly concerned with my non-disclosure of the material they will be sending me to translate. his page contains my public pledge of non-disclosure.

Translation of PDF files
PDF has become a universal file format for deploying the most varied publications. This page explains my current method to deal with the translation of such files in order to preserve layout and formatting, thus eliminating DTP rework on a finished publication.

Video services
This page describes the video services I provide, like translation for dubbing, subtitling, and others, including a few sample clips from previous jobs I did (qualitu was compromised here to speed up download).

DTP - Desktop Publishing
When an original is not available as an editable PDF, and it's an original publication, or when the original to be translated is in hard copy, this is the solution

My strategy to make book translation affordable.
Warning: If you are thinking of having a book translated for your personal use, please read this entire page to the end!

Training programs (HR)
This is my major specialty: complete localization of human resources training and development programs. If this is your need, please read my proposal on this page.

If you would like to read some of the articles I wrote, the list of those found on this site may be found on this page.
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