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There are several benefits in outsourcing the complete localization of a training program with one single person.


If you or your company have a training program in English to be implemented in Brazil, your obvious goal is to train people.

It’s unlikely that finding adequate vendors to translate each component in this program, and thereafter unifying them into something homogenous be part of your core business... but it’s mine!

My goal is to deliver your training program ready for implementation in Brazil.


I fully endorse the Total Quality concept whereby the end user shall define quality.

Everyone knows some training programs with superb content that, nevertheless, fail miserably either in methodology or presentation. Likewise, there are some programs that are cost-effective to carry out if the targeted audience is numerically as large as in their country of origin.

During the localization process I can, within obvious limits, downsize the program to the resources available in Brazil, as desired.


It is known that any training program must start from the trainees’ initial level of expertise.

Even training programs that have no pre-requisite for participants, the cultural background required is implied, assuming participants lived within a certain society.

I take this issue very seriously upon localizing training programs, so translation should consider the Brazilian culture and adapt the contents, in order to avoid responses like “This may work in other countries, but things are different here.”


There is no guarantee that, after a training program has been dismantled into its components, each one has been translated and adapted, the training program resulting from the reassembly will be as functional and effective as its original.

Only an integrated approach – like the one I offer – may produce a completely functional training program.


Regarding costs, it is my firm intention to cut to zero the often hidden rework cost to make all the training program components – localized by different vendors - fit together again.

Sometimes cost-cutting attempts are made by focusing on phrases that are repeated verbatim on all the different materials for the same course, having only the Course Leader's Guide translated, as it contains most - if not all - these phrases. Then some employee will painstakingly copy & paste these translated phrases on the other materials.

Since I use CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, I can offer the translation of these repeated phrases absolutely free, thus speeding up the entire process and significantly reducing the localization direct and indirect costs.

Furthermore, whenever possible, I strive to make the best use of resources already available in the client’s organization through teamwork, for instance, cooperating with your IT staff in developing e-learning programs, using your own printing shop or AV resources, and so on.


From a technical stance, I can offer you different options for the same training program: modularization, changes in duration/content, format conversion, and many others.

From the operational standpoint, my work is “open”, i.e. I offer the possibility – at your choice – of replacing some parts with materials already existing in your local organization, for optimum use of available resources.


After 30 years doing specifically this kind of work, having localized 500+ diversified managerial, technical, and sales training programs, the results speak for themselves.

You can trust someone who has done it right!


The major problem in localizing a training program is consistency. This has been proven over and over again.

A simple training program may require a lot of otherwise unnecessary work from the client if, for instance, the video for dubbing, the leader’s guide, and the participant's workbook were translated by two or three different translators, in spite of their competence.

My proposal is to work under one single set of guidelines, without ever assuming that the parts by themselves will assemble seamlessly into a homogenous set.

If you have a training program in English to be localized for implementation in Brazil, please contact me, clicking on the e-mail button on the left.

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